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I'm a software and hardware developer working in the areas of 3-D animation and computer graphics; real-time, broadcast, and off-line computer graphics; robotics; and virtual-reality user interfaces. This site describes some of the neat projects I've worked on; this is my personal site. Like most such sites, it probably doesn't get updated as often or as completely as it could; if you've got questions, you can send them my way and I'll see what I can do.

EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGE. Due to ongoing bombardment from spam, I have changed my email address to (all letters, no digits).


  • SynthEyes Match-Mover--- A new program I wrote for integrating live-action and CGI effects using computer vision techniques, used in feature motion pictures both major and minor. See Andersson Technologies LLC for more details.
  • Robot Ping-Pong Player --- could play against people! Used a custom moment-generating IC for real-time vision. If you've got a spare million or two, we can talk about getting you one!
  • Visual Video-game Interface --- players hold a plastic prop tracked by a vision system in 3-D at 60 Hz. Running at Disneyworld's EPCOT, here's more information on the EPCOT applications.
  • Virtual Batting Cage --- try to hit real pitches, as reconstructed in 3-D and displayed on a Head-Mounted-Display, by swinging a real baseball bat.
  • BaseWatch --- watches a baseball game, tracking the players and ball to generate broadcast television graphics or to broadcast on the World Wide Web!
  • Additional projects involving real-time computer vision of sporting events for broadcasting.
  • Halloween Multimedia --- greet the kids with this rear-projected .avi on your front door! We did!

Keywords: match-moving, camera tracking, SynthEyes, computer vision; video processing; real time; virtual reality; computer game programming; baseball; theme park; Disney; EPCOT; computer architecture; RISC; VLIW; people tracking; robotics.